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The Witch's Cabin

Weasley Sweater personalized Christmas

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Personalized magic Christmas sweater.

A classic from the magical world for the family and friends!

They are made to order, choosing the base color and the initial color to be embroidered. Made 100% by hand and custom.

In the photos, you can find a color catalog to choose the one you like the most but if you like any other, you can tell me and I will be happy to use it

The price changes depending on the size, and they are unisex :) the chest and waist measurements are the same.

  • Size S - & gt; waists of 90cm approx. (35.5 inches)
  • Size M - & gt; 100cm (39.5 inch) figures
  • Size L - & gt; 110cm (43 inch) waists
  • Size XL - & gt; 120cm (47 inch) waists
  • Size XXL - & gt; 130cm (51 inch) waists
  • Size 3XL - & gt; 135cm (53 inch) waists
  • Size 4XL - & gt; 145cm (57 inch) waists

They are handmade and made to measure, if you want to be sure to choose one, I will be happy to help you :)