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The Witch's Cabin

Cosplay Durmstrang Goblet of fire Harry Potter (coat and cape)

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2 sizes available, M and L 

Made with 100% woolen cloth.

The coat come with 3 clips to close it, but only one sewn. You will sew the last 2 to adjust the coat to your body perfectly. The cape is one size. 



Chest 100cm (39.3in)
Back 44cm (17.2in)
Waist 100cm (39.3in)
Hips 115cm (50.0in)
Sleeve 62cm (24.4in)
Biceps 40cm (15.7in)
Coat Length 75cm (29.5in)
Arm scythe  30cm (11.8in)
Neck around 48cm (18.8in)



Chest  100cm(43,3in)
Back 845cm) (17.7in)
Waist 110cm ( 43.3in)
Hips 120cm (50.7in)
sleeve 65cm (from shoulder to wrist) 
Biceps 40cm (17.4in)
Coat Length (neck to the bottom end) 75cm (29.5in)
Arm scythe 30cm (11.8in)
Neck around 52 (max) 20.4in